Tools and Resources to Aid You on Your Bio-Optimization Journey

This is where we put useful tools and resources to help you out because we're such nice guys we don't want you having to go all over google looking for them. You gotta watch google, a lot of bad information out there, FYI is all you eat is non-gmo, organic gummy bears you cannot eat as much as you like. Don't listen to the silly haired Avocado man. With that being said, check this shit out.


Fitness Calculators

BMR & Calories 

A couple of calculators to help you know where to start because you are what you eat and food is thy medicine blah blah blah.


Useful Sites

Unbiased Research Resource Links 

A few places that we have found that aren't trying to sell you anything, so they give the the no bullshit lowdown on supplements and nutrition.


Trusted Specialists

If Your Looking For a Specialist in a Particular Field we Compile our List of Bio Op Approved Specialists here 

List in progress

Are You Not Entertained...

Hey if you want to see something here that isn't here, Let us we're all pretty cool here, but I'm the coolest - Alpha Alchemist